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frequently asked questions

How much is the listing.
An entry on our website, as well as changes are free of charge or paid depending on the type of entry. We offer a free entry. We are pleased of course, if you support our work with a link from your website to our portal. The paid packages contain more data and thus reach more customers. You can find the packages here.
I am listed in the directory pages, although I have not even entered data.
In this case the address was provided to us by one of our data suppliers. Your company is listed with us as a free entry. This is free for you. Access data for the maintenance of the entry does not exist for this initially. However, you have the option of accepting your entry and adapting it with your own login and thus maintaining it. See the link "Apply / change entry"
A company is listed with erroneous data! What can I do?
Each entry on our website can be changed by the owner. To do this, there is a link on the respective profile "Modify entry". This will redirect you to the clients areas. If you want to apply an entry, use the function apply entry / change. Changes are only forwarded after the confirmation to our editorial offices, and activated after testing.
Why do I have to add that much data?
This Business Directory is an industry portal through which our visitors can search for specific companies. Similar to any other directory, the quality of the business directory increases with the quality of the entries. We have defined minimum requirements to provide our visitors with comprehensive and complete information. In contrast, a complete profile of your company is a valuable source of self-expression and thus serves the reputation, especially in online media. We offer the possibility to create comprehensive descriptions of your company.
Where does the data come from?
Business Directory is based on up-to-date data obtained from reputable data providers. These data are enriched and completed by our own research. Furthermore, company entries of our visitors are posted on the portal. In our business directory, we only list data from companies and industrial users or, in general, commercial providers. Private entries of natural persons are excluded from the listing. However, if you find that company records contain private data, they will be deleted immediately. Application can be found here our privacy policy.
I want to delete an listing. What should I do?
Please send us an email using the contact form . We need the following data for deletion. First the ID of the entry. You can find this in the profile in the address area (ID of the entry: XXXXXXX). The ID has a maximum of 7 digits. Please send the company name at the same time. Furthermore, we ask for a brief description of the reason for the deletion so that our editorial team can understand it. Unfortunately, we cannot delete the data without providing this data. You can also use the delete entry function. This function queries all necessary data. The entry is switched to inactive immediately after a brief check. You will later receive a separate confirmation of deletion.
I have received a rating that is not correct in terms of content.
Our business directory offers visitors the opportunity to rate companies according to various criteria. The goal is to share positive but negative experiences with other visitors. Especially many small and medium-sized businesses do not even know the power of reviews and the reviews published there. They do not know that positive reviews can win customers online. We attach great importance to the fact that the evaluations are factually formulated and are appropriate in terms of content. If you consider a rating as inappropriate, the comment function is open to you first. With this you can react to the rating and take a stand. Of course, for privacy reasons, we do not share the data of the evaluators. If there are still further complaints, our business directory can contact the evaluator and ask for clarification. Often a friendly solution is found here.
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